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I wasn’t so familiar with the terrain when my bus arrived. I had thought that the land would look exactly as I saw it on picture. I stood there for a moment wondering who to ask about my new location. Everyone seemed busy and their mind was occupied with something serious or was it business?

I walked briskly to a man sitting across the road. He wore a red shirt and a pair of white shorts. He didn’t seem worried about the piles of dust and smoke going up in the air and settling on him.  I was sure he had a caring wife who could handle that. He called so loudly at passersby; “Buy your DM guide!”
“Errmmm…..” I stammered. “Good morning sir”. Please where can I find Destiny’s mall?” I asked; a bit unsure if he was going to respond.
“Agggh! You are welcome! He exclaimed. “Here is the guide to shopping at the mall. It’s only #600 naira.” He replied enthusiastically.

I stared at him for a while. I wasn’t sure if I should repeat myself. He noticed I was a bit unsure. He calmly said to me, “Young woman, this guide is for people like you headed for the mall. Buy one. It is very cheap.”
Assured, that he was ready for a brief conversation, I asked, “please where can I find Destiny’s mall?”  “Oh! Over there.” He replied. He pointed at a 7 storey building just 8 houses away from where we stood. I thanked him and attempted to walk away.
He gently pulled me back and said, “Young lady, this guide is very important. It will help you save money. Buy it.”

I had spent so much and had very little money left for un-budgeted purchases. I reluctantly pulled my wallet and gave him the money for my copy.
I headed confidently towards Destiny’s Mall. At least, I knew where it was now.
The mall was painted in white and had this majestic look that made you want to take a picture of it. I located the reception and asked where to get my first item. It was then I discovered that the mall was departmentalized.

“Umm Miss? The receptionist started. We do not sell regular stuffs here. Our Mall consists of 7 departments- CAREER, MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS, EDUCATION, MINISTRY, BUSINESS, and PURPOSE.”
My Jaw dropped in awe of such departments in a mall this majestic. What could one possibly buy here? I thought to myself. I quickly closed my mouth before an insect flew in.

“Did you buy the DM guide at the bustop?”   She asked.  I reached for the guide in my handbag. Raising it up to her, I replied. “You mean this?”
She smiled in an approving way. She turned to her computer and imputed something. She turned back at me and said with no expression on her face, “Go upstairs, use the guide.”
I thanked her and headed for the stairs.

I got on the first department. The word “PURPOSE” was boldly written. I stood confused for a moment. There was a large crowd in there. I noticed that people kept pulling something off the shelves. I approached a white lady who had just pulled something off the shelf. “Excuse me ma, please what is that?” I asked. She looked at me in such manner that spelt “please don’t get me in trouble” and she walked away. I figured out I might have to seek help elsewhere. While I was thinking, she returned to me and said “I can see that you have the DM guide. Go through it. No one helps anybody here.”
It was then I realized how important that guide must be.

 I immediately tried to look into it and I found this instruction.
 “There are many tags on the shelves at purpose department. Ensure that you pick the one allocated to you here in this guide. The purpose allocated to you is found at the end of this guide.  Grace!”

I flipped to the end of the guide and found a phrase “Inspiring men into the Kingdom”, written under the heading “THE REASON YOU WERE BORN”.
I knew I had found it! I raised my head to thank the lady. It was then I realized that she was long gone.

I sighed in relief as I headed for the shelves in search of my tag. It didn’t take long for me to find it. I tagged it on and walked towards the stairs leading to the second department.

This store was painted green. I saw all sorts of people in there. What am I supposed to do here? I asked myself. I quickly turned to my guide. It read,

“Welcome to the Department of Education. Your purpose is a clue to what sort of course you should enroll for. Ensure that you enroll in the correct course. See page 14 for the course aligned with your purpose. Good luck!”

I raced for page 14 and found the course, “Mass Communication.” I located a group of people at the end of the hall. They were having lectures using media gadgets. “That must be it!” I said to myself.

I went to join them. No one spoke to me. Everyone was engrossed in the lesson. I sensed it must really be important and so I paid apt attention. The class was over and the lecturer announced,

 “Congratulations on your 4-year of study. You may proceed to the next department. Do not forget that your education is a tool for the fulfillment of purpose. You will be challenged by others but be true to your calling.” Good luck!”

I was amazed at the mention of “congratulations on your 4-year of study.” Had I been sitting for 4 years? Wow! This must be a different planet. The lecturer looked at me as though he could hear my thoughts. “Jane”, he called my name. “The time is short. Use it efficiently and effectively.”
He must have known my thoughts. I thanked him and raced for the next department.

It was a road. I was expecting to see a hall like the other 2. I noticed it had no turns to the left or the right. I decided to keep walking.

Almost immediately, a young handsome man of about 28 years approached me. He asked me out for a drink. I hadn’t noticed that there were some shops ahead of us.

I was really exhausted. I thought I could use a drink at this point. After all, my lecturer said we had been in class for 4 years. This must mean that I am 26 already. I hadn’t been with a man nor had any meaningful relationship since I arrived at DM bustop.

“Yes please” I replied. He let out a broad smile and took me by my hand. We began to walk towards one of the shops for a drink.

The waiter came over and took our orders. It was then I remembered that I hadn’t consulted the guide.  My mind began to race. I remembered the words of my lecturer on how short the time was.

“My name is Henry.” My date said, interrupting my thoughts. I took a closer look at him. He had no tag on. My heart raced faster.

“I love you” he continued. I think we can walk together at the Capture-All Media house. You are beautiful and I can make you a star in no time. You can work with me and of course we would live together.”

I began to feel uneasy. His offers were appealing but deep within my heart; I knew I might make a huge mistake if I didn’t consult the guide. The waiter had brought our drink and Henry had begun to take his. I looked for an excuse to get away. I needed a safe place where I could look into my guide. I was scared that Henry might take it away.
“May I use the rest room please?” I asked Henry. “Oh sure! but after you have accepted my offer.” He replied.

I knew he was the persistent type. I explained that I needed to use the restroom in order for me to enjoy this romantic time-out with him. I told him how impressed I was about all he was offering but that when I return I would be more relaxed to love him back as much as he loves me.

He smiled satisfactorily and permitted me. I took my bags with me to the rest room. I opened the guide and it read,

“Welcome to the department of relationships. Many people end their journey at this point. You would meet a lot of men not in your class. Do not let them distract you. One distraction makes you lose 2 years. This in turn puts you behind schedule. Remember, that your purpose is scheduled. Do not respond to anyone who asks you out for a drink. Such a person would kill your desire to fulfill purpose. Do not respond to anyone who offers to take you home for rest. He would steal your dream and turn you into his slave. Do not follow anybody who has no tag on him. They haven’t found purpose yet.When you find anyone with a tag, read their tags and confirm if it aligns with yours. If you follow any man with a conflicting tag, one of you would have to sacrifice his/her own for the other. This would lead to dissatisfaction and depression later. I have chosen a man with a complimenting tag for you. His purpose is such that you can fit into. You would find fulfillment working with him. As you help him fulfill His, he would help you fulfill yours. It is entirely an issue of team spirit. You will find him in the 14th shop on this street. He is already living out his purpose. He will recognize you when you walk in. Do not approach him. Simply offer to help at the media department there. He needs your help. You would be given food and drink and refreshed for your journey.

Hot tears flushed down my cheek as I closed the guide. Why didn’t I read this at first? I have wasted 2 extra years with this stranger. I am already 28 years old. I never knew that a man, food, water and all had been prepared for me.
I made up my mind to get back on the street. I went back to Henry and rejected his offer. I walked out of the shop. He followed me and did all he could to persuade me to stay. He topped his offers and kept pulling me to himself. I vehemently pushed him away and ran as fast as I could.
I noticed that Henry and I had entered the 3rd shop. I ran down the road, counting the buildings until I found the 14th store.

I walked in. The ambience was cool and relaxing. I approached a lady in a blue gown. She smiled at me and took my bags off my shoulders. “Welcome”, she said. You are the one we have been praying to have. I recognized you from the tag. Your purpose is very important to our kingdom. So many people are dying from the pressure the dark world is placing on them through the media. We needed someone like you to manage our broadcast sessions.” She explained.

I accepted to work there. I knew I was in the right place. She led me to a room where I had a shower and freshened up.
I was served a delicious meal and everyone came to welcome me.

It didn’t take long for a handsome man named James to notice me. He walked up to me and introduced himself. The tag on him read, “Building men for Kingdom Inheritance”. He gave a charming smile that swept me off my feet.
He explained how he needed my help. I was to inspire men into our kingdom through our broadcast sessions and he would build them into mature and capable citizens through our training school.

I had found my life partner. Even though I was 28 already, I was grateful to the guide for not letting me waste more years with the wrong people.
A voice glared through the speakers, “It is time to proceed to the next department.”
What would it be? I wondered. James took my hands and led me to the next department…..
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