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I wasn’t so familiar with the terrain when my bus arrived. I had thought that the land would look exactly as I saw it on picture. I stood there for a moment wondering who to ask about my new location. Everyone seemed busy and their mind was occupied with something serious or was it business? I walked briskly to a man sitting across the road. He wore a red shirt and a pair of white shorts. He didn’t seem worried about the piles of dust and smoke going up in the air and settling on him.   I was sure he had a caring wife who could handle that. He called so loudly at passersby; “Buy your DM guide!” “Errmmm…..” I stammered. “Good morning sir”. Please where can I find Destiny’s mall?” I asked; a bit unsure if he was going to respond. “Agggh! You are welcome! He exclaimed. “Here is the guide to shopping at the mall. It’s only #600 naira.” He replied enthusiastically. I stared at him for a while. I wasn’t sure if I should repeat myself. He noticed I was a bit unsure. He c

7 Things you should know about your Purpose

BPMS QUOTES 1 BPMS QUOTES 2  BPMS QUOTES 3  BPMS QUOTES 4  BPMS QUOTES 5  BPMS QUOTES 6    BPMS QUOTES 7 © 2014 Birthplace mentoring school (BPMS) Want to be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled? Get the book PROTHESIS by Anne Atulaegwu

The 4 double U's (W) of Purpose

  When God reveals purpose to you, HE  describes some of the things you would see, gain or encounter. God describes purpose in order to keep our desire wet for it and to enable us realize when we are at the height HE has called us to get to. God gives us clear description so that we would be able to tell when we are fulfilling His will/purpose or walking outside His agenda.In giving description about purpose, God usually answers these four questions in different ways and at different times; when,where, what and whom.    WHEN God is the author of time and HE knows the best time for something to happen. HE usually describes when we are to do things related to or connected to purpose .When he appeared to Moses, HE told him it was time to go and deliver Israel. “So now, Go. I am sending you to pharaoh to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.” Exodus 3:10  May I remind you, that 40 years prior to this time, Moses had attempted to save an Israelite from the hand of an Egypt


     💥💥💥Let’s get you started on your best life yet. ORDER NOW  (Paper back) ORDER NOW  (Ebook) AMAZON KINDLE AMAZON PAPER BACK When I was younger, I had a wish. I wished that I could move from street to street selling to anyone who cared to buy. I admired people who moved about carrying their wares on their heads because I felt they had the privilege of sightseeing and freedom of movement.  The only chance I got to see places was when we were in the car on our way to church or school.  The other times were when we occasionally visited Amusement Park or stopped by the then famous Mr. Biggs for lunch. This was in the 90’s. I soon got bored from seeing the same routes and sights.  DOWNLOAD FREE CHAPTERS I wished for more sightseeing opportunities and freedom of movement. I thought the only way I could get those was to be like the other children or adults who hawked their wares. One day, my wish came to be!  My mum came acr

ANNE ATULAEGWU : PROTHESIS- An Exposition on your destiny!!

ANNE ATULAEGWU : PROTHESIS- An Exposition on your destiny!!

PROTHESIS- An Exposition on your destiny!!

Have you ever desired a life in which you were truly relevant and celebrated? The dream in your heart deserves expression and you deserve a fulfilling life. God wants to make you His celebrity. Say Goodbye to uncertainty, fear and rejection as you embrace the best version of you today!  In the book - PROTHESIS , you will: -Learn details about God's perfect design for your life. -Learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you. - Understand the link between your gifts/talents and your purpose. -Understand the power and purpose of a personal covenant with God. -Learn to walk in obedience to God's direction. - Get powerful glimpses into your destiny. - Be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled. PROTHESIS is an exposition on your destiny that challenges you to move from where you are to where you ought to be - a glorious fulfilling life! Join Anne Atulaegwu , as she takes you on a journey to fulfillment. Available on A