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If you are on this post, i believe one of these best describe you - You want a positive change in your life -You desire a steady prayer life -You want to be a purposeful, influential, relevant (RPI)woman. I believe strongly in the power of intercession. I have seen my family experience tremendous results in our finances, ministry and marriage. This Tamar's Pouch Prayer Guide was first given to the women who attended the second TAMAR'S POUCH ANNUAL CONFERENCE in may 2014; tagged PALACE PILLARS. I have decided to make it available to those who couldn't make it. Women who pray, have an unspeakable influence on their world and those God has given to them. I desire that you become a voice in our time; hence i have drawn out this prayer guide to enable you grow as an intercessor. The guide is a 31 day prayer plan. If followed consistently, it can birth the grace of an intercessor in you and change your life. It covers lots of issues on marriage, our spouse, chil

DESTINY- AnneChrist series

You can bank your best in me I wont freeze it You can place your glory in me I wont take it You can bet your name on me I wont stale it You are my destiny I would never defraud your grace I would ever return your praise You are my destiny