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 I once had a Physics teacher back in high school who knew the content but didn't know how to teach it. He will solve only the examples in the textbook and refuse to solve the questions I and most people brought to him. He had very little explanation to give about the textbook examples he was regurgitating on the board. His teaching style or rather incompetent delivery of subject left a scar on my mind about physics. 

I had a very faint connection with physics because of how boring and almost empty he taught it. The faint connection I had was as a result of our previous teacher back in SS 1/ Grade 14. This SS 1/Grade 14 teacher had charisma. She held us spell bound as she taught and she illustrated most concepts.  I fondly remember her.

In public speaking, what you say is as important as how you say it and what you do while saying it.

What you say is the content of your speech

How you say it, is the delivery/presentation of your speech

What you do while speaking, is the personality of your speech


The content of your speech begins with

The Goal of the Speech

If you left your house without first deciding where you were going to, you will be confused at every turn. Before speaking, you must decide what the purpose/goal of the speech is.  This goal is called the result. It is the result that you look for in your audience, in order to successfully measure the performance of your speech.

There are different kinds of speeches. Each speech has its primary purpose. For instance, the primary purposes of a thank you speech it to appreciate someone or a group of people. The primary purpose of a board meeting speech is to provide update on your work or accomplishment so far. 

Therefore, when preparing your speech, you may have two goals- the primary goal as seen above, and the secondary goal which you would like to add on your own accord as you dim necessary. Below are 25 speech types and examples of primary goals as compiled by Chris Haroun, an award winning MBA Professor.

25  Speech Types and Examples of Primary Goals/Purposes

1: Award: “You Received an Award Speech”

    The purpose of the award speech is to thank and inspire the audience.

2: Board Meeting Speech

 The purpose of the board meeting speech is to provide an update on your team’s accomplishmments (including goals you have met etc).

3: Company Presentation

The purpose of the company presentation speech is to motivate the employees or discuss the progress our team has made or to discuss how we are going to beat competitor X.

4: Conference Opening Speech

The purpose of the conference opening speech is to get the attendees excited about the structure of the conference and get them to attend many sessions.

5: Crisis or Delivering Bad News Speech

The purpose of the crisis speech is to update our shareholders on how we are handling this (XYZ) difficult situation.

6: Customers (Presentation to Customers)

The purpose of the customer presentation speech is to sell a product to them.

7: Eulogy or Condolences Speech

 The purpose of the eulogy or condolences speech is to instill a sense of missing while touching upon positive characteristics and happy memories emotions

8: Graduation Keynote Speech

The purpose of the graduation keynote is to inspire students to seize the day and make the most of their degree.

9: Group Presentation Speech

 The purpose of the group presentation speech is to provide an update on the progress and milestones reached of the team to upper management (for example).

10: Guest Lecturing Teaching Speech

The purpose of the guest lecturing speech is to teach the students in the class about whatever topic the teacher requests including real life practical experience you have with this topic.

11: Introduce Speaker

The purpose of the speaker introduction speech is to highlight accomplishments of the speaker by summarizing their bio so that the audience feels that this person is ideal to teach them about X. If this is an intro of a keynote speaker, the purpose of the introduction speech is to highlight incredible accomplishments from their bio.

12: Job Interview Speech

The purpose of the job interview speech is to convince the interviewer that you already have what it takes to do the job.

13: MC (Master of Ceremonies) / Moderator Speech

 The purpose of the MC, master of ceremonies or moderator speech is to keep the event organized and entertaining while introducing other speakers like the way the professionals do it at the Oscars.

14: Motivating Speech for Sports + Companies + Charities

The purpose of the Motivating speech for a sports team, a company or a charity is to motivate the team to accomplish whatever goal is the primary purpose of the team, be it winning, selling more products than the competition, improving people’s lives etc.

15: Panel Speech

The purpose of the panel speech (meaning you being on the panel – not you moderating) is to express your professional thoughts on a topic based on using many examples from your career.

16: Fund raising / Discussing a Business Model Speech

The purpose of the raising money speech or talking about the business model is to get the audience excited about investing etc.

17: Retiring from (or Leaving) the Company Speech

The purpose of the retiring or leaving the company speech is to express sincere thanks for the friendships you have developed over the years etc.

18: Sales Speech

The purpose of the sales speech is of course to sell a product while including risks associated with the product in a subtle way so as to maintain credibility while having the audience interested in purchasing the product right now, for example.

19: Skype, WEBX, Other Online Presentations

The purpose of the Skype or online presentation is to convince the audience of X, while keeping the presentation at a slower pace given internet buffering.

20: Surprise... “Can You Say a Few Words? [No Preparation!]”

 The purpose of the “can you say a few words without preparation” is to use structure to help you nail this surprise moment speech by using a template, including the following –

“Thanks [NAME(s)]. When you invited me to this [EVENT NAME] I told my [SPOUSE] that [SOMETHING INTERESTING]. We also chatted about how impressive it was that [A PERSON OR ORGANIZATION ACHIEVED SOMETHING]. [PERSON TO QUOTE] once said that [THE QUOTE OF THAT PERSON]. I believe that [YOUR THOUGHTS ON THAT QUOTE AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU]. Again I want to thank [EVENT NAME OR PEOPLE].”

21: TEDx Talk Speech

The purpose of the TEDx Talk is to discuss a problem and a solution to a problem by inspiring people. 

22: Toasting Speech

The purpose of the Toast speech is to thank someone, say an inspiring thing about that person and then thank them again. 

23: Wedding Speech (Bride or Groom)

The purpose of the Wedding speech if you are getting married is to thank the people in attendance, tell an entertaining story, and express love and commitment and thanking the audience again.

24: Wedding Speech (Maid of Honor or Best Man)

The purpose of the wedding speech if you are the best man or maid of honor is to thank them for asking you to be the best man or maid of honor, tell few fun and interesting storied about the couple and then propose a toast.

25: Wedding Speech (Parent / Family Member Speech)

The purpose of the Wedding Speech (if you are a parent or family member) is to express love and how proud you are while telling a story about the person or people getting married. Then propose a toast.




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