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Slander! The knife of the weak Its edges are ever sharp Sniffing life from another's tree Slander! The saliva of fools It fills their mouths as water Holding time bombs in its molecules The weak seek its help To cutdown another's harvest If only he knew That the sun records at day The fool seek its help Spitting on another's harvest If only he knew That the wind blows at night Just when a man Thinks another's tree is out It springs up again From the point kissed by the knife Slander's saliva May dry up at day But d wind of d night Shall make its bomb explode When you cut another's tree Or spit on their harvest Dont forget in a hurry Your deeds in the day One thing you must know This you must remember That slander is in treaty With the sun and the wind The sun records your deeds To film them at night Only that this time You will be the victim The wind directs the venom From the bomb of your slander Right into your far