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tales from the past interest me testimonies encourage me beware of the knock on your neighbour's door dont ignore it,get some information the crack on the wall might become a hole on your fence ARTIFICIAL The existence of "Artificiality" Has neither boundaries nor limits Across gender,personality,identity and disposition It holds its throne among the sons of men He is a manly-boy She is just a girl He is experienced She is naive He is opaque She is transparent He is perfidious She is trustworthy A blend of contrasting personalities connected on the stage of "love" In the light of a saviour he approached With tales from the past,laying emphasis on common grounds Her interest is aroused Cos the naive holds curiosity some where in their bossom Blink, Blink - goes the signal He recognises her gullibility As a hook takes hold on a fish He capitalizes on his discoveries In an experience borne expertise He wades her off her familia