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It was in the beginning Long before the earth was formed It has being from history go Orchestrating the course of man It shall be in the end To strenghten the end time elects Its volume can be measured Ankle deep, knee deep,waist deep Then, the all surpassing depth The deeper the river, the better For its volume is directly proportional To the magnitude of your manifestation Ankle deep - Blurred insight Knee deep - Hearing like the sound of many waters waist deep - Clear vision but shallow understanding Depth of depth - Deep insight with efficacy bathed in fresh oil Howbeit, that we seek its shallow depth Living with little or no thirst for more He who thirsts shall be filled For the river has life unspeakable There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God The Holy place where the Most High dwells MEDITATE In us, the Most High abides In us, the river dwells To make us depression free Its provisions make us glad Its gently flowing currents car