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I rose my eyes in curiosity Observing the pace of pilgrims Born with responsibilities They journey through life At birth, the blueprint of destiny Is encoded in their souls They grow in passion Sweetly displaying the gifts within Brilliantly, they align their lives in a specific direction With a focused mind And a heart baptized in zeal They keep their gaze on their destination As time rolls by They grow familiar wiiith their goals As they say to themselves " This far have we come So far we are sure to go Irrespective of what might be Hence, let's take a break" They relax in lethargy And wallow in the confidence of past glory While they relapse in achievement Bathing their journey in the whirlwind of procrastination Subtly but firmly Their attention begins to drift They now have time for things once considered ephemeral Misplaced priority rules the day Dexterity repels them As they settle for less Distractions are attractive Cloned i