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Like thunder jolts The voice of the referee bolts On your mark, get positioned, GO! Athletes like wave, race towards the finish line They move their fist ahead of them Being propelled by the energy within Phew! An athlete outruns the next Then another and another and another Steady and strong he seems But for a while Suddenly,his limbs fail him As it is when a bowl is placed on a broomstick In agony he groans Leaning his mass on the earth beneath him Seconds tick As competitors seem to approach his spot A spin of fear grasp his mind at the sight of another Who seem to be ahead In dogged determination He supports his weight on his hand Slowly but firmly, he pulls himself up again Devoted to his dream He continues the race Getting ahead of the others He stands less than a meter away from the finish line His bones seem to crack As his legs wobble underneath him Like rushing waters A flood of courage surges through him In the might of a conqueror He takes


Silence embraces the still of the night The gentle breeze races from east to west The stars twinkle as the night lay still A peep through the window The sight of moving clouds are caught They move like packages assigned to a port of delivery In the dead of the night All and sundry lay to rest I toss myself from left to right Praying the night to roll by fast The grief of my soul possesses my thought The walls of my throat strain from groans I gnash my teeth Crying, yet quiet So as to keep the dead of the night I am tempted to wish for death Because i think no one understands I try to hear the words of the SPIRIT But i hear woos and woes A peep through the window The sight of moving clouds are caught As i stay my look on them for help I hear the voice so still from within "This time will pass This time will pass Day and night are constant so long as the earth endures You can be sure to smile When the clouds give way for the sun Hold on my child", it says A sense of peace


Sometimes, we go through experiences which makes us think that the "promises" don't match with the "purposes" of God for our lives. Purpose is the thing that an event, process or activity is supposed to achieve. When God gives you a promise, he permits events to help achieve his intention for you. Personally, i av been through times when confusion seem like the only emotion i could identify with. I suppose you've been there too. One thing is for sure, many lost their minds after they had the same experiences as you. Here, you are being able able to at least remember your name. You might be going through some really dark hour, feeling so cold and alone.I may not be able to identify directly with your exact experiences but i know what it feels like to get to that point where counseling, sermon nor "speaking in tongues" just won't do. Listen, i got a fresh news for you- THIS TIME WILL PASS. After the night comes the morning. Stay strong! Put y