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Whirling in the deep Groping in darkness Reasoning like fools Short of understanding These words describes the state of a man Whose existence fulfills mundane purposes The king extends his arm of love He lets go his rays of light He calls us out of darkness Into his marvelous light That we might show forth his praise The praise of the king Is an extension of his manifest glory He endows the chosen with an excellent spirit He fuses grace and dexterity into our abilities The fusion of grace and dexterity Incubates the personality of the chosen He operates beyond mediocrity And can unravel mysteries like Daniel did for the king of Babylon Though the men of the earth are impressed Paying obeisance as we walk by They applaud the works And commend the signs that they see It would be worse than folly For the chosen to believe or imagine That the praises are for him The king chose you from the pits He commissioned you in his might The dexterity you display Is

Loving Yourself

I am the most beautiful on earth

Welcome to Anne's Poematics

Poems are tiny seeds, which provoke the spirit of man to extend its boundaries. … The fusion of grace and dexterity incubates the personality of the chosen; he operates beyond mediocrity and can unravel mysteries… When I sit to write a poem, I have you in mind. I see the latent potential within you. I trust that you shall find these poems inspiring enough to give you clarity where your vision is blurred. May you have an increase in strength as you soar in pursuit of purpose. You’ve got so much more than you know. GIVE YOUR WORLD A FRESH TASTE OF GREATNESS!