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     πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Let’s get you started on your best life yet. ORDER NOW  (Paper back) ORDER NOW  (Ebook) AMAZON KINDLE AMAZON PAPER BACK When I was younger, I had a wish. I wished that I could move from street to street selling to anyone who cared to buy. I admired people who moved about carrying their wares on their heads because I felt they had the privilege of sightseeing and freedom of movement.  The only chance I got to see places was when we were in the car on our way to church or school.  The other times were when we occasionally visited Amusement Park or stopped by the then famous Mr. Biggs for lunch. This was in the 90’s. I soon got bored from seeing the same routes and sights.  DOWNLOAD FREE CHAPTERS I wished for more sightseeing opportunities and freedom of movement. I thought the only way I could get those was to be like the other children or adults who hawked their wares. One day, my wish came to be!  My mum came acr
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  Blowing the Shofar in Honour of Rosh Hashanah The feast of trumpets, AKA Head of The Year, AKA Rosh Hashanah, begins on sunday, September 25th and ends September 27th, 2022. This is the new year according to the Jewish calendar which we believe God uses with regards to his operations on earth, since He gave it to the Jews.  The biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah, literally "day of shouting or blasting." It is the first of the Jewish High Holy Days, as specified by Leviticus 23:23–25. The Jewish Feasts are physical events commemorating an actual spiritual event. While we may not observe the feasts in the ways a Jew would, such as offering burnt offerings and the rest, we are to mark and celebrate the feasts ✓In honor of the Lord. ✓As an act of obedience. ✓In order to align ourselves with what God is doing. ✓In order Partake of the blessings of the season  In this brief recording on mixlr, I explained why it is important for Christians to honour and acknowledge  Jew


Hello people of God!  It’s a privilege to be alive on this  side of existence in such times. A lot is happening behind the scene in the unseen realm. God wants us to be alert, informed and involved.  This year, the Hebrew calendar and the Gregorian calendar aligns perfectly on  April, 1 to 30th 2022. By that, I mean the Hebrew month of  Nissan and our Gregorian April begins on same day. The last time it happened was in 1957 (65 years ago). In the last 200 years (since 1889), this is the 5th time such an alignment is occurring. The other times it happened were in, 1908, 1938,1946,1957 and now 2022. WHAT ABOUT THE MONTHS?  While Nissan occurs as the 7th month after the start of the Jewish civil new year Rosh Hashanah (Occurs in September), it is regarded as the first of months in the Bible ( Exodus 12:2)  Hence it is the biblical new year (Rosh Chodesh). The word Nissan comes from the Hebrew word Miracle. The Jews refer to it as Miracles of Miracles.  This is the time when the barley har

GOD IS KIND: Prophetic Word

 Read part 6 here       The one who made us smile this broadly will settle you in that area of waiting when you lest expect it.   My journey  to being Nkechi’s mum is only one part of my life where I’ve had to obtain things by aggressive faith. There is nothing good that I’ve ever desired that I haven’t had to purposefully switch on my aggressive faith mode to receive.  I have faith stories, from university admissions, to graduating with a second class upper, Landing  jobs, getting a car, hosting conferences and outreaches, winning souls, influencing/possessing territorial dominion, publishing books, getting married and now having children. Everyone of them when shared would provoke anyone to trust God.  However, while these stories have the tendency to portray me as a faith expert, I am far from being one. This is because  whether  God answers or not  he is God. My situation is not enough to validate the credibility of who he is as a prayer answering God. I therefore consider it a pri

GOD IS KIND: The Integrity of his promises

  Read part 5 here My stomach started bulging. I sent pictures of us to my family. My sister-in-law posted on her WhatsApp status. About two or more people told her my face looked pregnant. She told me and I said my usual, Amen. After all, someone that’s been declaring herself pregnant since August should truly look pregnant by December πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I focused on my vacation, determined to thoroughly enjoy myself. One morning we all hit the gym and I led a dance exercise. Worried about my bulging tummy, I used a vintage  vibrating exercise belt  on my belly. Click the word to see how it works. It vibrated so intensely that my belly “caught fire” I begged to stop. Vacation was over we went  home. At this point, it was barely 3 days to 2021. I had an assignment to submit at school. I started writing it but noticed it was a struggle. It felt as though something foreign had hit my brain. I was also hosting a 12-hour prayer-thon. I managed to pull through these. Then we went for cross over service a

GOD IS KIND: The potency of trust

Read Part 4 here On this third day of praise, I felt like drinking Chinese tea. My praise jam was on already and I was reading my bible and making my confessions in preparation for my dance. I couldn’t shake off the urge to drink the tea. I made it and started sipping.  I started cramping badly. I was wondering why is this happening, I’ve had my period already. I don’t have endometriosis anymore. I will tell you how God delivered me from that one shortly.I continued my dance in pain. Before I knew it, I felt pressured below. I washed my hands and sent it there. Men and brethren, Look who came out . Both are the same fibroid. Picture 1: After I washed it. Picture 2: When it just fell out. I  felt different  emotions at once. One of which was fear. Ah God! What is this again? Are there more? What next? How long would this monster keep coming back? I summoned courage and resumed my praise. I gave my best dance that third day.  Shortly afterwards, my husband called. I didn’t know if I shou

GOD IS KIND: The tangibility of faith

Read part 3 here I just got back from ministering at our Shekinah Assembly camp meeting Nnewi, Anambra. I announced to my household that I was not going out anymore (church and market included). You might now know why this is a big deal let me explain.  I have extended family members in my home (My mother-in-law and sister-in-law). Technically, everyone depends on me to take care of them as a mother in Israel should. That announcement meant they had to step up to the responsibility of going to the market. I was going to cook. It also meant that my husband would have to go to church without me.  To the ordinary man, their wife, daughter and sister must have gone crazy because I radically declared myself pregnant until my body started acting so, despite seeing my periods every month from then on. If they thought I was crazy, none said it to me. Both my mother and sister in-law stood in faith with me. Every time I said I was pregnant, they said Amen. My husband was just laughing at me whi

GOD IS KIND: The Courage of patience

Read part 2 here It was a beautiful morning and yours truly was still bleeding.  I just got done making breakfast and was about to set the table when I felt an extra weight down there. I left the kitchen, washed my hands and sent it below while squatting. Men and brethren, see who fell off me.  The 1cm Fibroid they said I should be operated for A better view of the monster My husband and I gave thanks . God had delivered me early. I took these photos as proofs of his kindness and as reminders that He is still with and for me, regardless.  I became hopeful and patiently waited to conceive another. I can't deny  that I had several moments of sadness and weeping. My husband who wasn't moved by the situation became worried for my worry. He bought me things, took me out regularly and kept asking what he could do to make me happy. While I appreciated his efforts, they weren't enough to comfort my grieving soul. I had many, many days of sadness.   January went by, so did February.